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Friday, January 16, 2015

A visitor's comment leads to a new page on Animated-Teeth.com.

Do you know the differences between all of the Sonicare models?

A comment posted by "Sue Q" got us thinking about how we could better serve website visitors looking for information about Sonicare electric toothbrushes.

As a result, we've created a new page that runs through the entire Sonicare product line, and tells you what's different about each model.



Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Our most sent eCard in 2014.

Dental eCards section on Animated-Teeth.com

As it turns out, one of our Tooth Fairy eCards for adults was our most-sent card for 2014.

If you'd like to take a look at it, or send it (all of our ecards are FREE), here's the link.

We'd be the first to say that our eCards aren't all that sophisticated. But they can be viewed on any type of device (destktop to mobile) and they won't rob you of a lot of bandwidth either. And, of course, you can add your own personalized message.

Check out all of our dental eCard categories.



Saturday, January 10, 2015

A visitor's comment answered.

A question about whitening tetracycline stained teeth.

We had a website visitor post a comment, stating how they had tetracycline stained teeth and hadn't been successful in being able to lighten their color.

We found an on-target research study that we felt might give this person some encouragement in finding a solution.

You can find the post and answer here.



Wednesday, January 7, 2015
A Sonicare toothbrush.

Our best Sonicares list.

We've updated our Sonicare toothbrush section in a big way.

We've looked through Sonicare's current product line and picked out which models we think make the best buys.

Our goal was to pick out models that remove plaque just as effectively as any other but don't have all of those extra features tacked on that you don't really need.



Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Vertical Overbites Page

Tooth wear from a deep vertical overbite.

We've create a page that shows pictures of the type of wear and tear that often takes place when a person has a deep vertical overbite.


A vertical overbite is one where the front upper teeth overlap the person's bottom teeth a significant amount when fully closed. This type of malocclusion lends itself to the formation of wear.

Our page provides picture examples, as well as illustrates and explains the type of repairs a dentist can make.


Monday, October 6, 2014

Our most popular eCard in September.

September's most popular ecard.

Now that the month is over, we can report that this was the most popular eCard our service sent in September. (Actually, it's a little flashier than what's shown here. Click the link to view it.)

Having that happen is a new phenomenon. Usually the most popular item is one of our Tooth Fairy cards (either for kids or sometimes for adults).

Evidently, last month a school teacher used our service as a way to give encouragement to her students, which is great with us. We like to see them sent.

By the way, in case you didn't know, using our eCard service is FREE.


Thursday, October 2, 2014

Tooth wear due to bruxism.

Tooth wear due to bruxism.

We've created a page that describes and shows examples of the characteristic wear pattern that often occurs with people who have a severe tooth grinding habit.

The page also illustrates and outlines what's usually needed to repair this type of damage.

Here's the link to our page.


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Our latest (free) virtual smile makeover.

Completed digital smile makeover.

We just posted our latest digital makeover made (free) for a website visitor who submitted their picture. You can view it here.

This case shows the type of tooth wear that tends to occur when someone has a deep overbite. And how pretty much anyone's dentist should be able to make an improvement.


Monday, September 15, 2014

Another free digital makeover completed.

Completed digital smile makeover.

It's always a pleasure to complete another (free) virtual smile makeover for a website visitor. You can view this latest one here.

This case involves a smile that really wasn't all that bad looking to start with, in part because dental bonding had been placed some years ago.

Our "after" picture shows the type of improvement that should be possible by placing a set of veneers. It's a fairly subtle but really nice improvement.


Monday, September 8, 2014

We've chosen our next smile makeover case.

Our next digital smile makeover case.

We've chosen another submission for one of our FREE virtual smile makeovers. (Here's a listing of pending and recent cases.)

What issues are involved?

This person has already had some cosmetic dentistry performed. Many of their front teeth have already had dental bonding placed.

Their current dilemma is twofold. They are at a point where they have found that the bonding that has been placed has started to fail. And rather than just have it repaired or replaced, they are wanting to know about more permanent options.

The second issue is that they would like their smile to look more uniform (symmetrical). And they desire some minor shape changes with some of their teeth, so to more accurately reflect the general outline form they had before the bonding was placed.

If you're a dentist, it's probably rather obvious to you that this will turn out to be a porcelain veneers case.


Friday, September 5, 2014

Our most recent (free) virtual smile makeover.

Completed digital smile makeover.

We've just posted another (free) digital smile makeover for a website visitor. You can find it here.


This case involves a smile that has a big gap between its center teeth.

The gap was closed in some years ago via the placement of a dental bridge. However, the gum line has since changed and now things don't look right.

We've simulated how a new dental bridge and crowning two additional teeth could make a big improvement for this smile.

As an alternative approach, we've also simulated how things might turn out if orthodontic treatment was used as a part of the treatment plan.

Why not send in your own picture?

If you have questions about your smile, why not submit your own picture for a virtual makeover?


Friday, August 29, 2014

Lingual dental braces.

Lingual dental braces.

In the USA, there's so much focus on other types of "invisible" braces (like Invisalign®) that lingual orthodontic systems (Incognito®, In-Ovation®, Harmony®) get overlooked as a possible treatment approach.

There are advantages.

Lingual braces do offer several advantages over other "invisible" systems. Not the least of which is the fact that they offer the dentist a great amount in creating tooth movements.

That's one of the Achilles' heels of removable aligner systems like Invisalign®. The amount of control that the dentist has when trying to create precise tooth movements is rudimentary at best. It can be improved by placing "buttons" or "attachments" on the teeth. But doing so can make having "invisible" treatment quite obvious to others.


The biggest disadvantage of having lingual braces is that they can be hard to get used to. And that can be an obstacle for some people.

Fortunately, now with the newer lingual systems, this seems to be less and less of a problem.

We've updated our pages.

If you're interested in the topic of lingual braces, we've just recently updated our pages on the subject. (You can find them here.)

We cover the full gamut of issues: What are they? Advantages and disadvantages. How are they placed? What are they like to wear? Costs.


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Our next digital makeover case.

Our next digital smile makeover case.

We've recently selected our next case for a free digital smile makeover.

Clearly with this smile there's been a previous attempt to close a very wide gap that existed between this person's center two teeth.

To get a better idea of what else has transpired, we've written back to the person who submitted this case so we can learn more about what their dental history is.

Our collection of tooth-gap cases.

Closing in spaces between teeth is one of the most common issues we simulate for smiles. And we've grouped all of our cases together so they're easy to locate and browse through. You can find them here.

Why not submit your own picture for a makeover simulation?

If you have questions about how issues with your smile might be resolved, we're always looking for new cases. The service is free. Here are details about how to submit your photo.


Friday, August 22, 2014

Assistance for those without dental insurance.

A dentist providing dental treatment for a patient.

For years, we've kept a page on Animated-Teeth.com whose goal is to help people locate programs designed to aid those who otherwise would have difficulty affording the dental care they need.

You can find our Assistance Programs page here.

We need your help in discovering additional programs.

Without question, our table could be more complete. And that's why we're asking for help from our website's visitors.

From the feedback we receive, we know that dental professionals (dentist, hygienist, assistants) visit our site. Surely some of you must know about or even participate in programs.

And from the level of traffic our Assistance Programs page receives, we can only imagine that some number of the people who visit it ultimately discover a source that we don't have listed.

So, if you're a member of either of these groups and know of a program, we'd be eager to add it to our page.

If you do have something to share, use the email address on our Contact Us page. Thanks.


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I think about you when I floss.

I Heart dental eCards.


Yeah, we agree. We're not so sure if that sentiment is just weird or downright creepy.

Either way, we went ahead and let our "eCard guy" put that pop-up message on our (free) Hippo cards. Just click the card's green exclamation-point box to see it.

Here are links to the cards.

We have other "I " cards that your favorite dental staff member might not find quite so unnerving. You can find them here.


Monday, August 18, 2014

Picture taking tips for smile makeovers.

Aimated-Teeth.com Digital Smile Makeovers.

We're always frustrated when we find that someone has taken the time to submit their picture for a free digital smile makeover but the picture is such poor quality that it's simply not a case we can select.

To some degree we're dumb founded by this. We know that pretty much any cell phone can be used to take a pretty decent picture.

But then again, we know what we're doing and have done it more than once. Most people submitting their picture don't and haven't.

Photo tips and pointers.

To help out, we've expanded on our "picture taking tips and pointers" section. Hoping that the information there can help people quickly learn how to take pictures we can use.

The "acid test" section should be especially helpful for people in at least figuring out if their picture-taking activities are headed in the right direction.


Friday, August 15, 2014

Setting the stage for the perfect 1st dental appointment for a child.

Do you have a young one who will soon be making their first trip to the dentist's office?

Here on Animated-Teeth.com we offer some free activities that can help you as a parent or grandparent set the stage for having a great appointment.

Free dental quizzes.

You can help to prepare your child for what goes on at their dentist's office by using some of our free online quizzes. For example, check out our:

Animated-Teeth.com Dental Quizzes

A great way to use these activities is to sit with your child as they work through them, explaining all of the 'extra' things you think they should know.

Free dental eCards.

Before their appointment, send them one of our free dental eCards for a pep boost and encouragement. Here are two of them we've got for first-timers.

Animated-Teeth.com Dental eCards

You might also send one of our 'proud of you' eCards after their visit too. We've got several to choose from.


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Do you know what this is?

Nerve tissue removed from a tooth's root canal.

What you're looking at is actual nerve tissue that's been ripped out of a tooth during the early stages of root canal treatment.

Sounds horrible, doesn't it?

Well, we'll agree that the idea of this does sound that way. But after insuring that your tooth has been thoroughly numbed up first, this is one of the kindest things your dentist can do for you.

It's a quick and efficient way for them to get a tooth's compromised nerve tissue out of the way so the discomfort it has or might have caused is no longer an issue. [We should also mention that it's not all that often that conditions are such that this step is even performed.]

The steps of root canal treatment.

Cleaning debris like this out of your tooth is an important part of endodontic therapy (having root canal). This page explains why.

And if you'd like to know more about the cleaning process in general, this page can tell you how it's done and what to expect during your appointment.

Or, if you just want to know more about root canal treatment overall, start here.


Monday, August 11, 2014

(Free) Makeover case completed.

Completed digital smile makeover.

We've just posted our most recent (free) digital smile makeover. You can view it here.

What's this case show?

This case involves a smile that has slightly undersized central incisors that are also in crossbite.

We've simulated how a mix of orthodontic treatment and veneer placement could be used to make a nice improvement.

Why not send in your own picture?

If you have questions about your smile, why not submit your own picture?

We're game to illustrate improvements for pretty much anything, no matter how trivial or involved. All we ask for is a clear, sharp picture. The makeover service itself is free.


Friday, August 8, 2014

Our next makeover case.

Our next digital smile makeover case.

We've chosen our next case for a (free) digital smile makeover.

This one involves a situation where the person's front teeth bite edge-to-edge.

This person has already decided that they're OK with the idea of having orthodontic treatment and then veneers placed.

Where we fit in.

They got in touch with us because they're hoping to get an idea of what their smile will look like after the treatment has been completed, their dentist couldn't provide this service.

Have an issue with your smile?

Browse through our collection of completed cases and get an idea of how your dentist might resolve your dental issues. Or better yet, submit your own picture for a makeover. It's free.



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