Tips on how to locate assitance programs designed to help those who do not have dental insurance coverage.

Some people with limited financial resources may find that purchasing dental insurance coverage is not an option that is available to them. In these cases the person may find that the cost of the dental treatment they require places it out of their reach.

Regionally throughout the United States there are programs that exist that have been set up to aid people with limited financial resources and no access to dental insurance coverage. Some of these programs are run by volunteer or nonprofit organizations, while others have been set up by individual states, counties, or cities.

Each program will have its own individual mission statement detailing the type of dental patient they have been created to assist. Some programs will be specifically geared so to help children, seniors, or special needs individuals (such as medically, mentally, or physically compromised persons), or else residents of specific states, counties, or cities. Each program will also vary as to associated costs for treatment that is provided. It would be common place that a program's treatment fees are adjusted according to the income level of the patient or the patient's family.

A person may find that it is difficult to learn about the various dental assistance plans and programs that are available to them. A good place to start when looking for information is at the person's city or county health department. It seems likely that these offices would be knowledgeable about any programs that exist.

Another good place to look for information is on the website of your state's dental association (links to each state's website are listed below). These websites will often provide details and contact information about the programs of which they are aware. If your state dental association's website does not seem to contain information you should email them asking if they know of any available programs. If they do not, ask them for the contact information for the local dental society that exists in your area so you may inquire directly with them.

State dental association websites.

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