How to locate dental assistance programs in your area set up to help people with low income and no dental insurance.

The goal of this page is to help people with limited financial resources and no dental insurance to find assistance programs near them that can help them afford the dental care they need.

Where might you look for help with dental costs?

Dental associations can be a good source of information.

One good place to start looking is on the website of your state's dental association (see table below). These sites frequently feature a web page where they list the contact information for the low-income dental assistance programs of which they are aware.

What other resources might you use?

Another excellent place to look for programs is your city or county's health department. These offices are typically very knowledgeable about what programs exist in their immediate area and can help to steer you toward them.

Also, if you're looking for programs set up to assist low-income families with the cost of dental work for their children, don't overlook contacting the office of their school's nurse.

Help us fill out this table.

If you know of any dental programs (state, county or even city level) whose target population is low-income uninsured adults, seniors and/or children and would like to share it with others, we'd be happy to add it to our table. Just send the information to the email address on our Contact Us page.

How to use this page to find an assistance program near you.

Scroll down our table until you find your state, and then investigate the links we've posted.

  • If your state's association doesn't provide information, you should email them. Just because they don't have information posted doesn't mean they aren't aware of any programs, or know someone who might.
  • Even if the people at the state level aren't of any help, ask them for the contact information for your area's local branch of their organization.

    All state dental associations are composed of individual sub-districts. And at this lower level, it's possible that someone will have information to share that people higher up were unaware of.

  • If you find something that isn't listed on this page that others could benefit from knowing about, please send us the details (see above for our contact information).

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