Vicki, I'm assuming you mean

Vicki, I'm assuming you mean a porcelain veneer.

One of the steps of veneer placement is the try in.

One part of the try-in process is placing the veneer on the tooth using a "trial" paste that is the same color as the cement that will be used to bond it in place.

This gives the patient and dentist an opportunity to view the expected outcome and, if it's not right, choose different color cement.

Since both you and the dentist have an opportunity to state your opinion, if you OK'ed the appearance during the try in, your dentist might feel that some of the responsibility for the mismatch falls on you.

Having said that, hopefully any dentist will value the relationship they have with their patient and will do whatever it takes to satisfy them (like, in this case, remake the veneer).

The awkwardness here is, when remaking the veneer the dentist experiences all of the same costs over again (new tooth preparation, new impression, new temporary veneer, new lab costs for the new veneer).
So, you can imagine that a dentist might be slow to volunteer to redo a case.

There's no set rule for things like this. You should simply express your feelings and see what solution is offered. The hope is that yes, they will remake the veneer for you.

In the case that you weren't offered a chance to evaluate the veneer during try in (or not allowed to view it under different types of lights, if that's the problem), then you have a stronger case.

Good luck with this.

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