If a tooth requires root canal treatment there really is no substitute, we discuss root canals and possible alternatives here.

Teeth that have had root canal treatment can be fragile, we discuss rebuilding root canal teeth here.

It's not so common to visualize tooth cracks on x-rays. For one to be visible, the direction of the crack and the alignment of the x-ray beam would need to be perfectly in line with each other. This seldom occurs.

In regard to repairing "cracked" teeth, you'll simply have to quiz your denist further.

There is a difference between craze lines in a tooth's enamel layer and a tooth having a bonafide crack that involves tooth enamel and dentin.

Cracks often create symptoms, although possibly infrequently. Craze lines don't, and typically require no treatment. Dentists usually diagnose cracked teeth via the patient's symptoms and testing that elicits pain/symptoms. Let your dentist, or a dentist giving you a second opinion, explain more thoroughly.

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