Crowns following bruxism

My upper front teeth are worn and chipped, plus worn to the dentine at the rear due to Bruxism. I have no missing teeth, just fillings and crowns.
I am over 70 and my father is almost 100.
I can supply a picture if needed but the wear is slightly worse than the example on this page, the upper middle teeth being worn more. I always had small teeth.
My dentist advises that I would need crowns on bottom back teeth in order to avoid undue pressure and fracture risk on the top front, if they were crowned. Alternatively he has suggested leaving the current teeth for 10 years, subject to annual review.
I have been wearing a night guard for about 10 years and consciously try to avoid clenching or grinding during the day.
Given the issues that can arrive with crowns I lean to the latter option, but wonder how to weigh up the risks of not doing anything now.
Only 1 of my 4 bottom back teeth appears to be a crown. I wonder too whether only crowning the front teeth with limited extensions would be possible as one of your pages seems to suggest, despite my dentist's above comment.
Can you please advise my best options and their benefits, including any not covered above? A cosmetic improvement would certainly be welcome, but not essential to me.

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