When a patient comes to a dentist with a tooth that aches, (hopefully) their first inclination will be to attempt to "save" the tooth if they think that makes a reasonable approach.

That often involves placing a filling in the hopes that removing the cause of the tooth's problems (tooth decay usually) will allow it to recuperate and be OK.

What they can never know for certain is how compromised the tooth's nerve ... already was/is/has become ..., and it may be that it has been traumatized enough (either by the pathology that caused the tooth's problems and pain originally, or by the added trauma created while trying to repair the tooth) that it's nerve tissue can't recover, or needs more assistance in recovering.

Your solution lies in being in contact with your dentist and letting them continue to evaluate your tooth and symptoms and provide whatever type of treatment they feel is necessary.

This page explains what type of testing they may do, as well as what you may experience that can help to diagnose your condition.

As far as an outcome, one of three things will transpire.
1) Continued efforts by your dentist will assist the tooth's recovery and it will be fine. (This might include making sure the existing filling is fine, placing a treatment/sedative filling for a while, use of medications to aid the tooth's healing, ... only your dentist can determine what's indicated.)
2) If not, then your dentist may suggest that having root canal treatment can provide a solution to your situation. Having root canal will remove the damaged/painful/not recovering nerve tissue from your tooth. Afterward, the tooth can be rebuilt, thus returning it to full function.
3) If you decide that you don't want to have root canal treatment, or your dentist finds a reason why they wouldn't expect that to be successful, then the tooth should be extracted and replaced with an artificial one.

Good luck. Be in touch with your dentist's office.

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