In terms of arriving at a diagnosis, you need the attention of a medical professional. A dentist would be the first choice and the one who could provide definitive treatment (root canal treatment or whatever they determine is required).

There are reasons why the same dentist you consulted with before would make a good choice. They include:
1) Although they were unable to arrive at a diagnosis the first time that they felt confident enough with to base a treatment recommendation on (which isn't uncommon), they will have documented their findings and impressions in your chart. In cases where a tooth's current status is still unclear, those historic notes might (but not always) help with forming a diagnosis.
2) The dentist will have the x-rays they took months ago, which can be compared to current ones taken. Having this multi-month comparison may (but not always) assist them in figuring out what your tooth's problem is.

[Note: As your health records, you can request that the items above are sent to another dentist.]

3) Since you've consulted with them previously, specifically about this tooth, one would hope that your previous dentist would address your situation with some priority.
4) Your previous dentist has a copy of your medical history (which could be updated via phone) and a history of providing you with some type of medication. With those, their previous notes about your tooth, and quizzing you on the phone about your current situation, they might feel comfortable with prescribing medications via telephone before physically examining you. Doing so might give you access to needed medications sooner (pain relievers, antibiotics or whatever is indicated).

As the bottom portion of this page discusses, there's essentially nothing that a person can do on their own to remedy their situation. And often even very little they can do to control their discomfort. You need to give this some priority and seek direct attention from a professional.

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