Abcessed tooth/ root canal

A week ago I woke from sleep with an explosive pain in face, I looked in mirror, my right side of my face was extremely swollen, eye was swollen shut, lower part of face drooping. This was at 4am, I went to the ER thinking maybe a sinus infection, I was prescribed antibiotics by the doctor...he did no X-rays, did not look in my nose, didn't look in my mouth. I took the antibiotics for 6 days, still having a great deal of pain, I decided to go to the dentist, after his exam it was determined I have an abcessed tooth, following day he started a root canal, he cleaned the canal, but said I have more infection that didn't drain, he sealed the tooth and has prescribed amoxicillin, and has scheduled root canal part two in 10 days. Is this common?

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