Without having your policy to read it wouldn't be possible for us to know for sure. Your statement was:
"I have to pay co-pay up to $2000/year for my treatments, any further cost incurred is completely free."

The health insurance policy we have here at WMDS, Inc. generally reads that same way (and yes, that is different than we describe above), so it seems likely your interpretation is accurate.

When larger sums are involved, your dentist's office should be eager enough to help you understand what your expenses should be, just so there are no surprises for anyone involved.

In some cases, the situation may be so routine for them that they can come up with an answer in moments.
Other times, the dentist's office might need to file a predetermination of benefits form with the insurance company that when returned both passes judgment on your eligibility for those services, and states the benefits that the company can be expected to provide.

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