Procedures, like root canals, can fail for all sorts of reasons (operator error, patient non-compliance, or even simple bad luck, such as the case where unforseen complications existed that prevented the successful completion of the case).
And because of all of these different types of variables exist, it's both foolish and impossible for a dentist to guarantee a successful outcome. Doing so simply lies beyond what is factually possible for them to promise.
It's impossible for us to know what has transpired in your case. Failure alone doesn't necessarily reflect on the quality of care provided by your dentist. And in this type of situation (high quality work, unfortunate outcome), they should be compensated for their efforts.
Dentists that go out of their way in stating that they guarantee a successful outcome, yet don't back up this statement in writing (which must be your case, otherwise no conflict would exist), should be looked at with extreme caution (because they're making a promise that's impossible to keep in all cases).
If the dentist has been deficient in either the diagnosis or treatment of your case, a complaint to your state's dental board, or litigation, is the way to resolve that type of issue (if your dentist is otherwise unwilling to resolve the matter, so to avoid those processes).

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