Composite filling in root canalled tooth one year before crown?

I need to have a root canal in a molar tooth, since there is a cavity under the old silver filling on the chewing surface. From two other root canalled molars I know the tooth needs a crown and that it takes some time for the lab to create the crown. But I don’t have the time waiting for that, as I am expatriated to Asia very soon. Therefore I will ask my dentist to prepare a regular composite filling in my root canalled molar tooth, hoping that such a filling will last a year or so (as a temporary one-year solution), then I will have the crown once I return from Asia. Is that a suitable solution for a root canalled molar? Don’t know if one year is too long to wait for a crown on a weakened root canalled molar tooth even though it has a composite filling or whether it will break during that year. Alternative is to get a crown while I am in Asia

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