In regard to the timing of the crown placement, we'll defer to your dentist's opinion. There is no question that a 1 year delay in placing the crown isn't usually ideal. But for some teeth (possibly even a molar) some type of conventional filling might provide an adequate final restoration. Just ask your dentist what they would do for their own tooth (wait until you return, or have the crown placed in Asia).

In regard to making a go of a dental filling. The quality of the coronal seal of the restoration can be improved by the dentist extending the filling down into the opening of each of the canals just a few millimeters.

(Here's a link to a paper that discusses exactly that, and mentions that dental composite creates the superior seal as compared to other restorative materials. But also mentions that all groups showed some leakage, so that might be your answer right there.
An assessment of coronal leakage of permanent filling materials in endodontically treated teeth: An in vitro study.)

In regard to filling placement and protecting a potentially fragile tooth, your dentist would probably make the occlusion on the tooth as passive as possible (meaning it doesn't get much pressure when you bite down or slide your teeth around when touching). And then of course, you would want to favor the tooth as much as possible.

While it would mean utilizing a different dentist, same-day crown placement is a possibility in some dental offices. Probably the most durable type of crown they would have to offer is (monolithic) IPS e.max. You might ask your dentist about suggestions with this option.

And finally, if you'll Google "best dental schools in the world" (and consider that a proxy for the type of dentistry practiced in that country), several seem to be in Asia.

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