Hi, thank you for the great

Hi, thank you for the great site, it's very informative!

I had a root canal done for my upper first molar 12 years ago. I remember the dentist at the time mentioning that the tooth might become brittle over time and break at some point but no crown placement was offered. Since then I've seen a number of different dentists and while they have remarked that the root canal is quite extensive, no-one has suggested getting a crown, this includes an endodontist that I saw for an unrelated issue earlier this year.

However, reading information on your site and other sources it seems that crowns are the current standard of care for root canal aftercare. So should I be getting one? Does the fact that the tooth has been OK for the last 12 years means it's a good sign and a prediction that it might last or has the tooth been getting brittler and I am at ever greater risk of splitting it as the time passes?

I'm a bit worried about getting a crown because it comes with its own fair share of possible complications and difficulties. Also it seems that with a crown it is not recommended to eat hard food such as nuts and popcorn and I imagine those would be the likely culprits for why a root canal tooth with a filling might break too. If so, could I just stop eating hard food now and not get the crown? Even now I consciously chew nuts and seeds with my wisdom teeth (of which I have all 4), to take the pressure off of the first molars, is that a good thing to do?

Thank you so much!

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