A dentist not suggesting work vs. you specifically asking them about the need for treatment really are two different things. So if you haven't recently, you should bring up the subject with yours, pretty much the way you have here and let them advise you.
Here's an article titled: Are full cast crowns mandatory after endodontic treatment in posterior teeth?. It seems to take the same general stance on issues as we've discussed them here on this page but provides greater detail.

You'll note there is a section that addresses the issue of tooth structure changes after endodontic treatment.

And it mentions how the size/extent of the filling in the tooth significantly affects the tooth's strength, and therefore whether or not a crown should be placed. (Here's our similar page: Choosing between a crown and filling.)
You're right that there can be possible complications with crowning a tooth. So one should only be placed for good reason. But if placed, the type should be one where concerns about breakage are non-existant or minimal.

The linked article above discusses "full cast crowns," meaning all-metal ones. But there are other, more aesthetic appropriate crown options for molars too (scroll down on that page just a bit).
Forces directed to teeth can cause cumulative effects. Generally, small initial cracks can grow in size due to continued exposure to heavy forces. So, in regard to your root canalled tooth and/or its neighbors, you should keep that in mind.

Like stated initially, you should bring up this issue with your dentist, the person that can evaluate your specific situation, so they can advise you one way or the other. Good luck.

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