Your question is hard to answer because it depends on how much of the tooth is original tooth structure vs. dental materials.
It's usually considered that a post is only required if it is needed to help anchor the dental materials that are used to rebuild the tooth. (Our post and cores page explains.)

So if a large portion of your tooth was missing after the completion of the root canal work (possibly just on the backside), it would be expected that post placement was indicated. And it's very common that related to the substantial rebuild job needed that crown placement often makes the preferred way to rebuild a tooth.

Following that scenario, that fact that your post is now exposed implies that the filling material originally placed has deteriorated (or at least substantially worn down) in just a few years. If so, a crown typically provides a more lasting, better sealing, restoration and probably therefore is indicated.

One can't help but to notice that you state that your tooth required root canal treatment related to orthodontic trauma (as opposed to structural damage caused by advanced decay or tooth fracture).

It's sometimes possible that with this situation (structurally pristine front teeth) the access cavity made can be quite conservative, and following the root canal procedure just placing a filling suffices. (A post isn't needed because the filling needs no aid in retention.)

So consider the situation where just placing a filling can be considered an adequate final restoration for the root canal work, and (for whatever reasons) a post just happens to have been placed. And now the post is exposed.

Is it exposed because it wasn't trimmed short enough originally and had just a thin layer filling material over it that has since worn down? With a possible solution being trimming the post shorter so a more adequate thickness of restorative can cover it?

So as you can see, only a dentist who has seen your tooth can answer these questions and make an appropriate treatment recommendation. So just ask again. But as they explain your situation, it would be expected that the issues described above might be mentioned.
It should be pointed out that, at least in theory, the exposed post places you at risk for the complication of coronal leakage, so you need to pursue a remedy of some fashion in a timely manner.

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