Root canal failure

Molar had root canal treatment and was filled. No discussion or mention of type of restorative treatment eg crown filling post and core and I was until now not aware of these as options. Cannot now remember why root canal was carried out apart from to try and save tooth. Definitely did not have external decay. Had excruciating pain for week after treatment emergency appointment and given antibiotics. After 14 months knew some type of infection as unpleasant taste when sucking and slight tenderness when pressed on one corner of tooth. Dentist xrayed and stated tooth had cracked (not visible externally) and would have to be extracted. Asked for further explanation just said unlucky and said had been difficult due to adjacent molar. Not happy to have extraction as not causing pain and already lost 2 upper molars opposite side so would mean loss of lower molar this side and possibly previously filled molar adjacent although not causing any probs at present. Appointment made for 4 weeks for extraction... no antibiotics given. 2 days ago, 1 week before due appointment, eating chicken pieces and small corner of RC treated molar cracked off and within 15 minutes large chunk of metal filler fell out leaving huge hole mainly to one half of tooth so I still have half of the tooth remaining. No pain but very sharp edges and huge hole. Emergency apptmt made with dentists same practice who stated unsavable and would need extraction so put temp dressing on to stop food becoming trapped. Showed me last xray which showed infection at base of tooth root which said could be healing infection?! Also stated that adjacent molar giving no probs is dead (root) and needs to come out. Meaning 2 lower molars forward of wisdom will be extracted leaving huge gap and consequential problems? Dental dam not used when root canal treatment carried out. Due to see dentist in 5 days very unhappy about situation and tooth having been left vulnerable after treatment and, also over last 3 weeks resulting in massive failure. Still no pain so cannot understand why dentist states extraction only? Help please!

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