About thirty years ago I damaged the nerve in one of my front teeth at this time I had a root canal done. In June when visiting my dentist he remarked how black me front tooth had become. He said that I should consider having a crown fitted, I maid an appointment for this to be done, after a week I went back and he created a post from the damaged front tooth. He fixed a temporary crown and told me it would be about two weeks to get a new crown, when the crown arrived it was the wrong colour so had to be re maid. After another week or so the temporary crown came off, so I went back to the dentist to have it replaced. A lady dentist replaced it with what I can only say is a substance which was expelled from a gun and moulded to shape. A few days later I went back to the male dentist to have the new crown fitted.
The dentist had a hard job to pull off the temporary moulded crown so much so that I felt a cracking sound and feeling, I asked it my tooth was ok and was told it’s fine, after fitting the new crown I left. About two weeks later wile getting in my car the crown fell off including the post maid from my tooth. I returned to the dentist the lady dentist replaced the crown with what she called a flexible post how ever this was very flexible. I did complain but was told that if it came off, she would fit a new crown with a steel post. By December I returned and she agreed that she would fit a new crown an steel post the new post was fitted three days ago and despite telling her that it was still very loose she said it was fine. However this morning Saturday it dropped out I contacted the helpline but they was unable to help, it appeared to me that there were no adhesive on the post but only around the tooth. What would advise me to do now

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