You don't mention a time frame. Assuming you mean that this symptom first appeared hours after your appointment and now continues, unchanged, some weeks later, that scenario is not easy to come up with an explanation for.

1) An examination of the canine is warranted, just to make sure it doesn't have a problem previously overlooked.

2) Conceivably, the work for the bicuspid may have had an affect with your bite where now the canine receives more pressure than before, thus aggravating the tooth or bringing to light a problem it has.

3) Referred pain may be involved. This is the situation where a problem exists with one tooth but is felt as pain by another.

Basically, there is nothing about the act of performing endodontic therapy for one tooth that should affect a healthy neighboring tooth.

It's time to let your dentist take a look, or another look. Good luck.

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