There can be a lot of contributing factors involved.

Many of them can be associated with the person's age (we're presuming here that age equates with having dentures). As we age our sense of taste and smell deteriorate (what some people interpret as a loss of taste is actually related to a loss of olfaction).

As other explanations, people who don't maintain denture hygiene frequently have oral candidiasis (oral fungus). A side effect of this is a loss of taste.

Other conditions can also affect the sense of taste too: neurological conditions, nutritional deficiencies, endocrine disorders, local factors such as persistent sinus conditions and even viral conditions.

Some medicines can affect a person's sense of taste. People who have a chronically dry mouth experience problems with taste.

So, while there's no simple explanation, there's no shortage of scenarios that might explain her inability to taste her own denture breath.

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