Gum closure after wisdom tooth extraction

Hello! I had my lower right wisdom tooth extracted three weeks ago. A week later I went back to the dentist due to dry socket which he treated by an alvogyl dressing. Then another week I went back again for a follow up and the dentist renewed the dressing. The hole in the gum is not closing and I can still see the dressing inside. I rinse my mouth with warm salt water after every meal, 3-4 times a day.
I am still only eating soft food because after eating solid food I feel a slight pain near the extraction site, otherwise I don't feel any pain. I think the gum is slightly swollen on the outer side.
I am just wondering how long the gum will take to close up and whether I should start eating normal food and the pain will go away itself? Can I drink alcohol and whether it will slow down the healing process? If not now, when can I drink? It's just that my daily activities are affected and I wish I could start eating and drinking normally.

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