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You need to report to your dentist so they can evaluate your situation.

The alvogyl is usually placed on a dressing, that may or may not be a material that dissolves away on its own. If not, it must be removed. If it is, and now a week later you still see some type of object in your socket, the situation should be evaluated by your dentist. The presence of alvogyl in the socket beyond the time frame it is needed will delay healing. Here's our page about dry socket dressings.

The hole itself will fill up from the bottom, as opposed to initially closing over at the top, so it's expected that you'll may see some remnant of a hole for quite some time.

In regard to a routine extraction, at a point 3 weeks later, the moderate consumption of alcohol would typically be a non-issue. If you are taking any type of narcotic pain reliever, or even types of antibiotics, its consumption would instead be contraindicated. In your situation, with the complications you state, you should discuss the issue with your dentist.

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