It's possible that removing a upper wisdom tooth is one of the easiest extractions in the mouth.

It's not uncommon that this tooth's roots are fused together to form a conical shape (like a pointed ice cream cone). If so (and especially in the case where the tooth is erupted and has a normal orientation), the tooth may offer very little resistance to removal. Also, upper 3rds are often comparatively smaller teeth, and therefore have comparatively shorter roots.

While it's impossible to state anything specific about your case, one would have to think that your dentist anticipates that some of these factors apply to your situation, and therefore they expect that your extraction process will be straightforward, and hopefully even exceedingly easy.

You state: "I have some lorazepam to take for anxiety." You should make sure your dentist knows if you plan to take this (both quantity and when). That can be an appropriate drug to use for anxiety for an extraction procedure but they should know. Especially of concern would be how you plan to get to and return home from your dentist's office under the influence of that medication. Best of luck with your extraction.

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