Severe enamel loss on upper first molars and bottom back molars


I'm in my 40s and have severe enamel loss on my upper first molars and bottom back molars. I have clenched since being a child and had to get a couple of porcelain crowns for my lower first molars in my early 20s. I currently wear a mouth guard every night. But the enamel loss is so bad that there is no enamel left on the biting surfaces of those teeth and the dentin is fully exposed. Obviously this makes chewing hard foods very uncomfortable. My dentist has informed me that there is not enough space to put a crown on my upper molars and suggests that I get orthodontic treatment to force my upper molars back up into the bone to create room for crowns. This treatment plan sounds like overkill, but I admit I'm no dentist. I read up above about onlays, specifically the Bruxzir onlays. I know it is impossible to say for sure without seeing my teeth, but does it sound like this type of treatment might work for me instead of orthodontic treatment and crowns?

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