Bottom molars

Hi I have two molars bottom right and left second to back that are missing enamel at the point where the Dentin is exposed and they are very sensitive to cold and throb on and off but also go weeks without throbbing. My dentist said he couldn't put a crown on them unless I went and got braces to open up my bite. I'm willing to do that but I'm not sure why he can't just put an onlay on them. When I where my mouth guard they stop hurting as they are covered and bit exposed. I went to a endodontist for a cone beam scan to make sure the roots were good and there was no abcess or infection. I have no infection nothing the teeth are healthy but just missing the enamel and are almost concave. The endodontist said I didn't need root canals and said I need to get a handle on my TMJD and grinding and fix my bite so all my biting force isn't on these poor two teeth. So I am going to get braces but the pain in these two teeth is bothersome and I feel they just need inlays or something to help the sensitivity and throbbing. What should I do?

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