Flat Top Teeth

Let me start by saying I'm very impressed by the breadth of info here and how you spend the time to answer questions.

I have been a grinder all of my life, having a night guard as a child/teen, lapsing as a young adult, and now having a night guard again in my late 20s. I wear it irregularly, but recently woke up to sensitivity in my right side canine and even more wear and am committed to reducing stress and wearing my night guard every night.

My question, though, is whether veneers would be a good option for building some length back into front teeth (my bite is correct and my teeth are straight, they are just all flat)? I also have a fracture or two in my front teeth and a chip on one of the sides of a molar. My teeth are still fairly healthy, so I don't want a crown if it means cutting a lot away. My concerns are mostly adding strength and restoring the appearance. If I wear my night guard regularly, would porcelain/emax veneers be a good option?

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