Bruxing and veneers.

It's correct that porcelain veneers make a poor choice for individual teeth that are regularly exposed to excessive forces (like grinding your teeth).

It may be that although you do grind your dentist has determined that your lower front teeth aren't really involved with this activity, and thus placing them is OK.

If your front lower teeth have significant wear, it's hard to think that that interpretation is accurate, with the exception that possibly your dentist altered your bite with this in mind when they placed the upper crowns.

It's OK to place porcelain veneers if the effects of the grinding are controlled (like by wearing a nightguard over your teeth). But if you grind when at times when you're not wearing your appliance (like during the day), damage is still likely to occur.

Your dentist might be thinking of having the restorations made using one of the stronger types of "porcelains" (eMax, Zirconia). The trade-off is these materials don't look as life-like as others (which on lower bottom teeth might not be much of an issue). Also, keep in mind these are newer technologies and don't have a 10 or 20 year historic track record to evaluate.

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