We can only answer your question in general terms.

From a standpoint of durability and longevity of the repair, teeth that have extensive wear are typically repaired via placing crowns (gold, PFM or all-ceramic/zirconia) or onlays (crown-like restorations that just cover the chewing aspect of the tooth).

In cases where the wear just involves localized areas on back teeth, rather than perform the extensive grinding that placing crowns or onlays typically involve, the dentist may opt to just fill in the divots with dental composite (like the one you mention). That's a reasonable trade-off, opting for a less durable material/repair in exchange for trimming away less sound tooth structure.

Creating an onlay for a back tooth (building up and covering over its entire chewing surface, which is possibly the the "veneering" option you mention) entirely out of dental composite (any brand) may make a poor choice, especially if excessive forces are involved (in your case, if your bruxism is not controlled 100% of the time).

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