You don't state but the assumption would be that you wear an Essix-style retainer(s).

If there is no hole formed in your retainer(s), the wear is obviously taking place during your waking (non-retainer wearing) hours.

In theory, that makes it something you can control, although that's much easier said than done.

In fact, normal "rest" position for the jaw is with your teeth slightly apart (a position where no tooth wear can take place).

Little (or at least very slow) tooth wear would be expected from tooth-to-tooth contact such as that that occurs from activities like chewing (with the exception of excessive chewing, like with gum).

So, the issue becomes, focusing on and controlling the parafunctional daytime habit. The one that brings your teeth together for prolonged periods of time where wear can take place.

Possibly your dentist can give you advise, tips or suggestions on how to successfully accomplish this. If the habit can't be controlled, wearing some type of daytime appliance (tooth "protector," possibly your retainers) would be indicated to prevent the wear.

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