Clearly it's impossible to know anything about your case really from just a few paragraphs.

It did stand out however that you mentioned worn teeth but made no comment about experiencing symptoms (thermal sensitivity, tooth nerve problems caused by tooth trauma and wear, jaw-joint problems, damaged restorations due to wear). So it's unclear what the motivation is for an urgent change at this point.

Also, dentists have discussed rebuilding your teeth with you but there's no mention that any have discussed controlling the effects of your grinding habit afterward. (Just placing the crowns won't be a solution.) Also, a bruxing habit is a contraindication for placing implants. Hopefully any dentist wold be very slow to recommend denture placement vs. just having worn teeth.

There's also no mention of what type of habit has caused the damage. (The effects of night time grinding can likely be controlled by wearing a nightguard. A habit of clenching and grinding during the day is much more difficult and cumbersome to manage.)

If the issue is that:
Finally some dentist has reported to you that significant tooth wear has taken place.
Other than that you have no significant symptoms with your jaws or teeth.
The appearance of your teeth to you, while not your ideal, is acceptable enough.
You definitively know that it is night time grinding that's primarily responsible for your damage.
You are committed to wearing a nightguard so to prevent further damage.
And cost is a consideration and a problem.

Then ask your dentist how having them fit you with an appropriate nightguard and helping to monitor and maintain your status quo isn't a reasonable alternative.

[Re the 3 crowns: The dentist probably envisions trying to restore your worn teeth back to a shape closer to what they were originally (make them taller when new crowns are placed). That could make it easier to place the crowns, improve the look of your teeth, smile and face, and provide benefits for your jaw joint. If that were done, then the 3 existing crowns would be too short in comparison.]

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