gum infection with veneers

I had veneers in done on my front teeth. This was actually without me deciding in favour of it. It learned about it from the dentist who suggested it and still had not made up my mind but she went ahead and stated work on my teeth so i had no option but to carry on with it. The problems which resulted: i could not floss because the thread would break whenever I tried. Later my gums started bleeding after 3 yrs. A new dentist gave me an ointment and mouthwash. It went away but came back a year later and one of the veneers also fell out. When to the original dentist who made the veneers to fix it back. She jabbed and scraped the gums saying she was cleaning them and then did a partial laser treatment at a cost of Rs 25000 and then fixed the veneer back. I now have a gum problem again and one veneer fallen out. Of course I can't go back to her.

If have got an opinion from 3 or 4 dentists and can't decide wha action to take. The opinions are:

1. From the x ray the gum disease is starting to affect the bone therefore

a) treat the gums with injected fibres which release medicine at regular intervals. When the gums are ok redo all the veneers
b) treat the gums for 2 to 4 days with ointment metrogyl and replace the veneer which fell out. Then remove all the veneers since they
are not properly done and are causing the gum problem. Put temporary fillings for 2-3 weeks till the gums are completely ok and then
replace with the correct veneers.
c) dont put back the veneer. put only a temporary bonding and then remove all the remaining and keep temporary filings for at leat a month or 2 months till the gums are completely healed. Then replace new veneers. The old ones were angled wrong and therefore created
a ledge for bacteria to collect also didn't allow me to floss.

Please advise which is the best option.

A fourth option says to leave the veneers as they are a take extra care for the gums. I am not very inclined to go for that since the veneers are obviously creating the problem.

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