We don't have any first hand information to share with you, however we did do some searching around.

For Wisconsin:
Here's a link to the Wisconsin Dental Association.
On their home page they specifically make mention of Medicaid/BadgerCare. While you've no doubt already have investigated these avenues, some of the associated phone numbers with this information might help you find a different source for care.

Also on the WDA website we see this page that provides a link to a list of clinics that provide low-income aid. In that list are a few area code 262 phone numbers.

Additionally, this link, also on the page above, gives basic and specific advice about places to look for assistance. (This information would be beneficial to people in any state.)
Calling your county health department can be an excellent source of leads. This should be a must do.
An actual call to the WDA and talking to some staff member might also produce more leads than just looking at their website.
Also, Marquette University has a dental shoool. They might base their fees on a sliding scale based on income.

We found this 2015 publication from Marquette that on page 5 specifically discusses "reduced fees" for "low income" patients. Possibly one of their clinics is in your immediate area.
Finally, here's a link for the Greater Milwaukee Dental Association. This is a subgroup of both the American Dental Association and also Wisconsin Dental Association. These are the dentists in your specific area and those who are in a good position to know what's available. If you don't find information on their website, make contact with them directly. It may lead to something.

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