We don't necessarily have any specific advice to offer you.

In passing we'll say that your Mom's situation as you describe it seems to be as much a medical condition (an inability to maintain proper nutrition) as opposed to a strictly dental one. As you seek assistance sources, that type of change in classification might work to your benefit.

Communicating with actual people often leads to resources that can be hard to find otherwise. So, as this page suggests, a good start is to be in contact with those in your area who are likely to be in the know about resources.

This would include: your local health department (city/county), your state's Dental Association as well as its local branch, your local branch of the United Way, clinics located by using the Bureau of Primary Health Care link above, dialing 211 to see what happens and if your city has a dental school (see link above) checking about possibilities with them.

Best of luck with your quest.

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