You don't really mention, so we'll assume that your crown is a porcelain/ceramic one.
The general difficulty associated with patching ceramic crowns is that the crown is a ceramic (glass) but the material used to make the repair is a plastic (dental composite/white filling material).

That offers a few challenges. One is, can a strong enough bond be created between the ceramic and plastic so it will stay in place. Also, the plastic won't have strength characteristics as strong as the ceramic. And finally, the plastic will tend to stain over time, whereas the ceramic will not.

With those difficulties in mind, you should respect your repair for what it is, a patch. You might favor the tooth somewhat, so to protect it from excessive biting or chewing forces.

If you can see the restoration, you might check for signs of deterioration over time (cracks, small bits chipping off at the edges, fracture, dark stain between the restoration and crown). Regular examination by your dentist would be ideal.

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