You'll probably have to ask to know for sure.

The best case for your situation is where your crown is a monolithic zirconia crown (a crown milled out of a single block of Zirconia ceramic).

Another type of "Zirconia" crown is one where only the portion of the crown that covers over the tooth is made out of Zirconia. Then on top of this another kind of "porcelain" is layered or pressed on so to give the crown its tooth-like shape. (This is referred to as a veneered Zirconia crown.)

As this paper describes:
Effect of endodontic access cavity preparation on monolithic and ceramic veneered zirconia restorations.

As compared to the veneered form, the monolithic construction form tends to be less damaged by the act of creating the access cavity through the crown.

An endodontist won't necessarily try to perform your root canal through a smaller access cavity, because having adequate access is key to the success of the procedure. But yes, their skills/equipment/dexterity may be such that they routinely tend to work through a smaller opening.

Also, an endodontist is more likely to know how large of an opening they actually do need. Or in the case of searching for difficult to find canals, be more effective in locating them without removing excessive tooth/crown structure.

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