Any tooth that is associated with a persistent infection that can't/won't be resolved should be extracted. Tooth infections are totally unpredictable and can flare up (pain, swelling, etc...) at any time. While the chances are small, the event could be life threatening. Persistent (chronic) infection has the potential to damage the bone surrounding the tooth, and possibly that of adjacent teeth too.

Most tooth related infections are either endodontic (inside the tooth, root canal) or periodontic (in the tissues surrounding the tooth, gum disease) in nature. Both require active hands-on treatment to resolve (so to remove the locus of bacteria causing the problem). The remedies you mention may keep the symptoms of the infection to a minimum, but they can't be considered actual cures.

Teeth are routinely extracted while infection is present. What dentists don't do is pull teeth during acute phases of infection. Doing so can present complications.

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