5 months pregnant with pus pocket, do i need a tooth extraction?

I am 25 weeks pregnant and have a problem with my tooth#25. It has a pus pocket in the back and keeps having pus daily for the past 3 months. A Periodontist recommended removing this tooth because the gum pocket is 9mm. My dentist then said NO, let's try to save the tooth but it keeps having pus and starting to feel some pressure in the tooth or the pocket with light pain and I am freaking out of the infection as I am pregnant. We keep doing teeth cleaning and nothing helps. It's been a nightmare without a solution.

My question is should I remove this tooth, would that help? How dangerous is while I am pregnant. Also, I never ever take any antibiotics or meds in the past 20 years of my life. Is there a way to avoid the antibiotics, is it risky. What if they remove the tooth and the puss still comes out? I am so scared and really don't know what to do. Any advice or thoughts?
Thank you

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