We can't comment on your specific case (since we have no firsthand information) but in general terms:

1) Your periodontist specializes in treating conditions like yours. If they consider the tooth hopless, that's an opinion to give some weight to.

2) It's commendable that your dentist wants you to retain the tooth but we can't imagine a scenario where that will be successful, especially considering the periodontist's opinion.

3) Your condition is due to bacterial accumulation on and around the tooth's root surface deep below the gum line. If the tooth is extracted, the source of the problem will no longer exist. There's no reason not to expect that the condition will resolve. (That assumes no neighboring tooth has been affected. Your periodontist would have mentioned if any had.)

4) IF your case requires antibiotics (only your dentist can decide), there are several kinds that are safe to use during pregnancy.

5) Due to the different tooth numbering systems used, we don't know if your mention of tooth #25 is a lower right central incisor or an upper left 2nd bicuspid. Either way, the 9mm periodontal pocket should help to make the extraction process easier than usual. Teeth are routinely extracted during pregnancy.

(Here's a link to our limited content about extractions and pregnancy.)

In terms of what to do, let your dentist know you are having continued problems and your situation requires attention.

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