The nature of your symptoms seem different than expected. It's not common to hear people discuss the sensation they get (or don't get) from an individual tooth.

Whatever is going on, it has followed your tooth extraction/implant placement procedure and it seems that a nerve has been affected (per your description). Here's our page that describes "paresthesia" (as a complication of tooth extraction or dental injection) and what's usually experienced. If this seems similar to what you are experiencing, note that this issue often resolves on its own.

The issues associated with "paresthesia following dental implant placement" are a little different. We don't have a page specifically about that condition, but of course you could Google those terms.

I can't give you legal advice since I am a dentist, not a lawyer. But in general terms:

There's no way a dentist can guarantee for you that no complications will occur. Complications can occur for reasons that can't be predicted and/or lie out of the dentist's control.

For more common complications (like paresthesia), the dentist has the legal obligation to advise you before performing your procedure that that possibility exists. This might be done verbally, in print, via watching a video, etc...

After advising you and answering your questions, the dentist then receives your "informed consent" to perform the procedure. This can be verbal. Often you're requested to sign a form.

The dentist still has the obligation to perform your procedure at a level consistent with that provided by other dentists who perform the same procedure.

So if the dentist didn't really have the proper training, skill level or equipment. Or didn't treatment plan the procedure properly (like placing an implant that was too long for the available jaw space, or place it in a location that substantially deviated from the ideal) they could still be held legally liable.

Hopefully what you're experiencing will simply resolve on its own. Good luck.

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