The white spot you mention is probably the opening of a sinus tract. As you'll learn in reading that link, the fact that pus can vent off via this opening probably explains why you don't have swelling and just minimal pain. The presence of the tract can help to make a case more manageable (fewer episodes of acute flareup).

If someone were on a desert island and had a supply of an appropriate antibiotic and only radio contact with a dentist for some weeks until rescued, the advice the dentist would give the patient would be to complete their current course of antibiotics and then monitor for change.

If signs of pain and/or swelling started to present themselves, then the patient would be told to start up with a repeat regimen of antibiotics so to settle the condition back down. The case would be managed this way (starting a repeat regimen of antibiotics only in response to clinical symptoms) until the extraction could be performed.

As another example, take the case where a dentist has diagnosed a tooth that needs to be extracted but they feel that the extraction requires the expertise of an oral surgeon. The earliest appointment the patient can schedule with the oral surgeon is some weeks down the line. During that waiting period, the tooth would be managed as described above.

So, you might ask your dentist if delaying your treatment in this type way makes a reasonable plan for your case when considering your tooth's condition, your health status and issues, and the limits place on receiving treatment due to coronal virus concerns. It may or may not, only they can advise you. Good luck.

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