Our interpretation.

For those reading this comment, we'll interpret what is being said, add some additional points and link to where you can find more information on our site:

"All he gave me was the freezing." - The "freezing" part refers to the use of a local anesthetic (just typical dental "shots") to numb up her teeth. And then as stated, no additional sedation technique was used in conjunction with that for the procedure.

"get your pain meds into you before you go for procedure" - This implies that this person took a pain reliever preemptively (before her appointment), as a way of aiding with pain control (both during the procedure and post-op).

This technique may have a place but only after consulting with your dentist. Some types of pain relievers can disrupt the blood clotting process and thus their usage is contraindicated prior to an extraction.

"PRY AND DRILL" - The "pry" reference refers to the use of dental elevators during the extraction process. Doing so is routine (and described above). "AND DRILL" implies that to remove some teeth that either some bone tissue needed to be removed or the removal of the tooth was aided by "sectioning" it (cutting it into parts and removing each piece separately). We describe these techniques on our Surgical Extractions page.

"Lots of bleeding, discuss stitches ... advice about food ..." - Generally, a patient needs to follow two sets of post-operative instructions. Those that apply for the first 24 hours, and then a second set for the period after the first day and beyond.

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