In all cases, you should contact your dentist's office if you have questions or need help. That's their obligation to you. They expect you to. Their knowing your case history and health history are important factors in determining where the needed solution lies.

"I felt alot of pressure on the right upper molars during the process, is that normal?"
Generally an event involving a tooth on one side of the mouth doesn't refer sensation to a tooth on the other side of the mouth because the nerves that run to the left and right teeth are independent of each other.

"i'm getting a lot of pain in the left upper canine an 2nd premolar"
It's common that extraction sites have pain associated with them.
As neighboring teeth, possibly these teeth were inadvertently traumatized as part of the extraction process and are sore for that reason.

"The 2nd premolar and molar behind the extraction also feels longer than usual."
This isn't the usual type of remark you hear from a patient.

You need to contact your dentist. In the case where their direct attention isn't possible, their recommendation about OTC pain relievers or their calling your pharmacy can usually provide a solution until they can. But as mentioned above, knowing your case and medical history would be important to know.

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