Infected Tooth

Fourteen years ago I had two top wisdom teeth extracted and one right side infected bottom one. The bottom one came out butting up against the molar next door. I would have occasional pain and the tooth got dark. After extraction of the bottom right I developed more pain and bad taste along with a dry socket. Socket was packed with a gauze of cloves and and site area seemed to be healed on the outside but not the inside, because I was still experiencing horrible taste and pain in that area. I also developed a hole behind that last molar where extracted wisdom tooth was. Had the area opened and cleaned two other times with a pathology report of infiltrated white blood cells and dead bone. Now I am going to have it opened up again and I have two decent dentist one is biological uses ozone and your own sterilized blood for clots and the other is a traditional oral surgeon who doesn't use any of that stuff but might might have more experience. Traditional dentist says that the periodontal ligament doesn't need to be taken out and the other dentist says that it does, especially because it harbors bacteria and is a food source to feed bacteria. I looked it up on line and there are many articles to support taking ligament out and scraping bone area at least 1 mm maybe more...depending on infection. Who is right on this? I could really use some input...I need to have this done right and every dentist has a different take. Thanks!

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