We're eternally disheartened by requests to discuss dentistry from the standpoint of "the worst that can happen." Instead, we'd be eager to point out some reasons why your procedure might be easier than expected.

You state it is a front tooth that needs to be removed.

1) Front teeth have single, often conical shaped, roots. That shape offers less of a challenge to remove than most back teeth.

2) Being a front tooth, your dentist will have great access and good visibility of the surgical site. This should make the outcome of the procedure more predictable and the procedure quicker than a comparible procedure for a back tooth.

3) While this would only be an issue for a front upper tooth, front teeth usually have less physical association with the sinuses than back teeth. This drastically reduces any chances of complications associated with them.

4) Front tooth extractions have a lower incidence of dry socket formation.

Patient cooperation means everything when a tooth extraction is performed. After discussing your apprehensions with your dentist, the two of you might consider using some form of conscious sedation technique to put you more at ease.

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