Our best guess would simply be the fee range shown above for a "surgical" extraction.

Because there can be a tendency for a root tip to gradually rise to the surface of the jawbone over time, and even possibly penetrate through the gum tissue in some cases, some root tip removals are astoundingly simple.

In your case however your dentist evidently feels that the procedure will require an elevated level of skill, hence their referral to an oral surgeon.

Generally speaking, with tooth #20 the problem is usually that the tooth's root tip lies in the area where the mental nerve exits the lower jaw (through a tiny hole, this graphic shows it being exactly in the region of the root tips of teeth #20 and #21.)

On the day of your original surgery, you dentist was afraid of damaging the nerve if they tried to retrieve the broken tip. Evidently that is still their concern, hence your referral to an oral surgeon. No doubt you'll be in very good hands.

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