severe vertical fracture with perio defect

After 8 months of pain on tooth number 31 and 3 different visits for tooth adjustmenst, I had enough and requested to be referred to an endodontic DDs for scans. Upon my visit to the endodontic, he advised a root canal, however while in the chair, was told I had a severe vertical fracture and perio defect and advised a Periodontologist. Question, can my dentist perform the tooth extraction procedure? Does it depend on the skill level and experience of the dentist versus the periodotologist? I have opted for an implant, but need to wait over a week for the periodontologist and my dentist can extract the tooth sooner. I am in a lot of pain and do not want to wait . Please advise. Also, couldn't my dentist have performed a dye test on my tooth sooner, rather than keep adjusting my teeth. I feel like this could of been remedied months ago, had my dentist performed a dye test to look for fractures.

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