J.S. we're not really going to know.

We'd agree that the $480 fee seems like a lot.

It's possible that due to the condition of the tooth or the challenges it poses your dentist feels that the proper classification of the extraction is "surgical" as opposed to "simple," thus justifying a higher fee.

Also, the fees we state are our estimate for the extraction procedure itself and don't include any type of sedation services or the cost of the x-rays that are needed (3-D imaging if needed can be costly).

Also our page is formulated in terms of a general dentist performing the work, not an oral surgeon.

We're not sure how the discount plan ties into your situation, as in did you find it independently or was it offered by the dentist's office. In the latter case, joining tends to tie you to the dentist, yet without comparing fees at other offices you don't really know how discounted they are (potentially making a win-win for the dentist).

You don't mention how the other fees presented to you for the other work options compare to the extimates we suggest for them on our pages. Are they substantially higher too? If only the extraction is more expensive then the cost difference probably just has to do with the level of difficulty the dentist expects or bundled (included) services.

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