You should make a consultation-type appointment with a dentist. One where you are just examined (and x-rayed) and a treatment plan is then developed.

1) They can investigate the tooth you are concerned about and advise you as to what solutions you have (extraction, crown, etc...).
2) You should let them evaluate the remainder of your mouth too. Many dental problems are easily corrected if just discovered early enough. If something is found, possibly its repair can be performed during the same visit as your extraction/crown appointment(s).

In regard to having the work done, ask your dentist about what sedation techniques might be used during your procedure(s). (General dentist who routinely use these techniques frequently advertise as practicing "sedation dentistry." All oral surgeons will offer sedation services too.)

Sedation can make experiencing the work you need more tolerable. In some cases you take the medicine before leaving your home (someone else drives you to your dentist's office and brings you home). Some sedation medicines have an "amnesic" effect, meaning you don't even really remember much about having an appointment at all.

Good luck with this.

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