Dentures w implants error

I met current dentist due to 2 tooth extractions requiring caused by breaking a tooth. I have dental phobia and don’t have a ‘regular’ dentist but went to a local oral surgeon to remove wisdom teeth. During my follow-up, we discussed further treatment. He recommended delaying dentures and keeping my remaining teeth until my situation changed. He prepared an invoice on recommended treatment and expense, went over it carefully and I said I didn’t plan on getting dentures until I had to.

Dr. B (current dentist) advised considering implants or dentures. The following week I went in to check extraction site. He explained he had experience and could do it cheaper because he isn't a specialist so he doesn't charge as much. Although we do have dental insurance (paltry), our finances are limited. I am retired and my husband is a teacher. I was impressed with his manner and professionalism and he did a good job on extractions. I decided to go with him for the procedure. He prepared an invoice estimating charges for top and bottom dentures with bottom secured with 2 implants. When I met with him to discuss possible treatment, I said he was more expensive even though he mentioned he is cheaper. His practice is fairly new so he said maybe he needed to adjust prices. Then he said he would match the first dr’s invoice as long as it wasn’t one of the “discount/cheap rate” places.

He knew I had reservations about proceeding due to finances. I said I was considering a top denture to get by until we saved more. He said it was up to me but he wouldn't recommended it. My sister-in-law assists an oral surgery and also advised getting both at same time. All three of us agreed that securing the bottom denture would be worth the expense.
During my pre-op visit I reminded Dr B that I opted for bottom denture with implants and was there a chance it wouldn't work. He said everything looked fine. He planned on doing implants during oral surgery while I was under general anethesia. I mentioned that the first dentist said if implants wouldn't work due to bone density, then he would recommend a mini implants. He said they are less expensive, less invasive and would make sense for someone my age. Dr. B said he didn’t do mini implants and would not consider it. (I suspect he lacks training) My understanding was that he would do implants during surgery. He told me it would all be done, I’d get denture the next week and return in 6 months for permanent dentures.

After surgery I was shocked to find out he didn’t do implants. I was even more surprised that he did bone grafts and set up treatment plan for more bone grafts eventually finishing the process in 8-12 months. I have follow-up apt with him tomorrow and I feel trapped.

I am not sure what options I have. I am still ticked about his assurance of getting it all done in less than 3 hours and back in 6 months. Am I obligated to follow his treatment plan even though I didn’t approve it? If dentures aren’t completed would all the same costs exist either way? If I am stuck with full dentures, is it ethical for another oral surgeon to do mini implants?

I feel like I went to get my hair trimmed and ended up bald. Now, I don’t know if I can trust him. It makes me sick to think of spending $12,000 when I would have opted for the cheaper treatment if original plans changed.
Sorry about the lengthy rant. Just trying to give a clear picture. Any advice appreciated.
Thanks, Gummer Granny

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