As far as future dental work goes, it's your option as to what treatment you recieve. You may have a financial obligation for work that's been performed (grafting) but it seems no implants have been placed yet and clearly construction of your final dentures hasn't even been started.

If you've lost faith in your current dentist, then you should seek other opinions about how your case might be completed based on your status as it stands now.

While the opinion of dentists can certainly vary, possibly there is some question regarding your current provider as to their compentancy in diagnosing your case or pre-treatment communication with you.

For example, what degree of the changes in your treatment should have been discovered or anticipated when your treatment plan was originally formulated? Where these issues communicated to you? Was there something deceptive about the way your treatment plan was originally presented to you (bait and switch).

Issues such as these are often taken up with a state's Dental Board (the governing body that grants a dentist their license to practice). In regard to this process, we noticed this page from

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