Somewhat related to this post

Somewhat related to this post and the one above is the issue of ridge shape augmentation in preparation for denture placement.

While no dentist can know what exactly will transpire in regard to bone fragments appearing after an extraction. And we can only assume that both posters here have/had active plans with their dentist about denture placement ...

... if in your mind you have future plans about dentures and you have not yet shared those thoughts with your dentist when you are having extractions done, make sure they know.

Knowing that dentures are definitely in your future might influence them as the degree of alveoloplasty (use link above) they preform. (The assumption here being that any additional bone they feel should be smoothed off, removed, etc... because of denture placement might be at least some of the same fragile/disrupted bone that has greater potential to become a sequestrum.)

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